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At the Singapore Symphony Group, we plan to emerge from the COVID-19 crisis even stronger. We are redoubling our efforts to create memorable shared experiences for Singaporeans through music. We have exciting plans for concerts, education and community events in 2022 and beyond, but to achieve these goals, we need to call on you for help once again.

While the SSG is supported partially by funding from the Singapore government, a significant part of this can only be unlocked as matching grants when we receive donations from the public.

If you have been moved by the powerful, enlivening sound of your national orchestra, please support us by making a donation. For every dollar given, we receive another from government matching grants, making your donation twice as impactful.

Support us on our journey through music.

With you, we can build the future.

To donate, please visit or

Donations will enjoy 250% tax deduction (for Singapore tax-payers). For more information about other benefits such as special invitations to concerts and events, please click here.

For more details, please write to