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At the Singapore Symphony Orchestra we're passionate about reaching as many people as possible and inspiring the next generation in a love of orchestral music.

On this page we've gathered together some materials to help guide newcomers - young and old - in their journey of musical discovery. So whether you're a music student, a teacher or an adult discovering classical music: welcome!


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De-stress with these calming colouring patterns from the SSO. Suitable for all ages. Get creative!


The Carnival of the Animals is a piece of music made up of 14 short movements, each describing a different animal through music - from elephants to cuckoo. It was written by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns and although it's become his best known piece of music, Saint-Saëns didn't publish the piece in his lifetime and always regarded it as somehow less serious than his other work.

The work has continued to grow in popularity ever since it was finally published in 1921, and it's the perfect piece to introduce youngsters to the orchestra. Listen to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's recording below.

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Resources for children

At each of our Concerts for Children, we print a programme packed with learning resources, games and interesting facts about the music. Here are some of our recent programmes to continue your exploration.

Discover Singapore's composers

The SSO is proud to champion Singapore's homegrown composers. Find out more about some of the country's composers here.

Resources for all ages

We produce a programme for each and every SSO concert, and each programme includes detailed notes about the pieces we're performing that day. Here are a couple of our recent programmes. For the full archive, please visit our Issuu page.